What we do

We are a team of AI and engineering experts from industry and academia with experience in aerospace, online gaming, investing, insurance, automotive and manufacturing industries to name a few.

Mindset & culture

At Stark, we are strong believers in 'the total environment'. We create and work in an environment with our clients that encourages integrity and transparency.

An environment for success.

We take a total ownership approach with our clients and partners. Total ownership means taking full responsibility for the success of our consulting and project engagement.

At Stark, we specialize in guiding organizations through the exciting world of artificial intelligence, helping them not only embark on their AI journey but also execute their AI strategy with precision and success.

With a wealth of experience in AI strategy development and implementation, our team of experts is committed to empowering your organization to harness the full potential of AI.

Welcome to the future of intelligent business with Stark, your trusted advisor on the path to AI transformation.

Who we are