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Stark help organisations with data intensive operations, complex decision making processes, resource allocation challenges, leverage data, AI, LLMs and technology to provide insight and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Anticipate the future, leverage the power of data and artificial intelligence (AI) to transform and innovate faster. At Stark we help organisations unlock the power of AI from the ground up.

Our approach leverages the predictive power and analytical rigour of data and technology, combined with the ingenuity and human-centric insights. This synergistic approach, which we term assisted intelligence fosters a competitive advantage by fundamentally reshaping how organizations approach decision-making, operational efficiency, and market disruption.

Our approach is focused on real-world impact. STARK was born and proven in the aerospace and investment sector, we live and breathe data. We deliver powerful AI and cutting-edge solutions with deep strategic thinking and domain expertise to help our clients innovate and develop new opportunities.


Artificial Intelligence
Project Execution

We establish strategic partnerships with organizations to unlock transformative potential of AI by utilising human capital, optimising processes, and employing cutting-edge technology to facilitate its scalable adoption.

We empower organizations to maximize data utilization and achieve sustained performance improvements through strategic and tactical investments in technology, process optimization, and capability development.

We help organisations successfully execute artificial intelligence and data projects with our bespoke management framework emphasises robust project management principles ensuring successful delivery on time to quality and within budget.

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We consult clients on all things data and build data driven AI prediction tools that help our clients make better business decisions


AI & Data Strategy


AI & Data Optimisation


AI Enabled Automation



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