AI Practitioner Consultant

Munich, Germany / FULL-TIME


Seeking an AI consultant with expertise in machine learning, data analysis, and automation. The ideal candidate will align AI strategies with our business goals, conduct assessments, and ensure seamless integration. We value both technical proficiency and strategic insight to drive innovation. If you're a results-driven professional who can make a significant impact, apply to be part of our success story.

Key Responsibilities

Responsibilities encompass a comprehensive approach to optimizing organizational processes. This includes conducting assessments, developing and implementing AI strategies aligned with business objectives, and ensuring seamless integration of AI solutions. The consultant leverages technical expertise in machine learning, data analysis, and automation, staying current with industry advancements. Collaboration with stakeholders is paramount, addressing complex challenges, providing training and support, and offering strategic guidance for long-term AI integration. The consultant monitors, evaluates, and documents AI implementations, while remaining committed to continuous learning and staying at the forefront of AI innovation.

Key Skills

Excellent communication and project management skills.

Fluency in python and ML/ AI related libraries.

Ability to work as part of a flexible and adaptable team.

What We Offer

You will be able to work with the latest technologies in the industry.

As standard, all of our employees are covered by our health insurance.

We also offer a full 30 days of paid annual leave, plus our annual company-wide team-building weekend away.